All About Baby High Chair – Buying Guide and Safety Tips (UK)

Are you searching for a good portable high-chair for your child, that doubles as a camping chair in the outdoors? How about a chair which is very sturdy and easy to clean as well? Have a look at the features of some of the top quality high chairs for baby in UK.

What to look for in baby high chairs

Baby high chairs comes in many varieties and types. They also differs lot in style and prices. If you are looking for a high quality baby high chairs than choose the one that is sturdy and not look cheap. Another important thing you should look is that they should be easy to clean. You don’t want to spend hours in cleaning the high chairs after feeding your baby. If the materials of the high chairs are good, then it will be durable enough to long for several years. Here are other things your should look when buying a baby high chairs in UK 2016.
baby high chair in UK
Excellent build quality
The build quality is great and the chair feels very sturdy and comfortable. It’s built with very strong canvas material, and is similar to a camping chair. You can even use it for BBQs, camping and get-togethers.

Looks and feels good
The green (sage) colour looks amazing. Kids are happy and like to sit in it. This chair is comfy for babies who don’t like being tied down to a stroller.

Perfect for traveling with babies
It makes for an excellent item to carry along when traveling with a small child – especially in case when you visit a restaurant and a high chair isn’t available there. The chair will prevent your baby to easily crawl out of or stand in the highchairs available outdoors, in places like restaurants.

No dependencies
The chair is totally dependent on its own. Unlike other portable highchairs, it doesn’t need a sturdy table in order to place it on, which makes it great for both outdoors and indoors.

It’s very easy to fold and travel with. You can take this chair anywhere and its compact enough to back away on your weekend trips. In addition to that, it’s quick to open and set up. It’s a great alternative for the bulky chairs in your house that can’t be moved around easily across the home, in areas like lawns or backyard, for example.

No worries
The chair is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. The tray has got a good plastic cover that can be easily wiped up. So, regardless of where you go, you will never need to worry about a nice, clean sit for your baby.

Baby high chairs – What to Look For

These models are fairly simple. These too are often made of wood so may be more to your taste. These have become so popular, some families buy them instead of a regular high chair. From conventional to contemporary, high chairs come in a range of décor-enhancing styles. Some are just molded plastic with harnesses; others have a bit of padding on the seat.

  • They are also usually height adjustable so they can adapt to different table heights.
  • You just have to make sure it fits onto your table and won’t damage it.
  • Some are functional—adjustable trays with dishwasher-safe inserts make for quick cleanup; seats that recline to multiple positions are handy when bottle-feeding, and chair heights that accommodate your growing baby are a plus. (Height adjustment can be equally convenient for the parent; you can lower the high chair seat to match your chair, allowing you to sit while feeding the baby.) Pop the legs off this chair and it comes apart very easily for storage or for taking along on a trip, and best of all, there is NO fabric anywhere on this high chair (why can’t anyone else figure that out?), which makes it so very easy to clean.
  • Some have trays, others don’t.
  • They allow children to sit at table with adults and some of them convert into chairs for much older children – even adults – so the relatively large initial layout may be worth it in the long run.
  • Although these are as secure as standard high chairs, be sure to adhere to weight limits to ensure the chair’s stability as your child grows.

baby high chair 2016
In fact, many moms have ditched their expensive, full-featured, pain-in-the-rear-to-clean chairs for this one. Pros: They’re usually inexpensive and lightweight. If you like the idea but don’t care about adjustability (or do care about your budget) then the low cost versions (try Ikea or Argos) are worth looking at. Best for travel are the fabric seats on a collapsible frame that fold and pack flat. Some fold, making them easy to move and store. When your child has grown up a little and no longer needs a harness to sit safely, you could consider a tall junior chair as a replacement for the old high chair. It goes without saying that you should secure your baby in the high chair at all times and never leave him or her unattended. Cons: They typically offer less comfort for a baby than other kinds, can have tough-to-clean nooks. These are simply elevated, child-sized seats that allow your youngster to sit at the dinner table with the family.

Most high chairs will come with a five-point harness, but some will come with a lap strap. A basic or foldable high chair takes up less real estate by folding up when unneeded, or by being of smaller stature. They usually have a footrest so the child can sit comfortably without their legs dangling. Most will also come with a solid crotch bar (also known as a pommel) to help stop your baby slipping forward out of the chair. These may come with fewer bells and whistles than a full-sized model, but still provide all of the safety features. The high chair standard does not technically apply to chairs like these, so check that the chair is stable enough not to topple sideways or backwards if the child pushes against the table. This is especially useful if you want a removable tray, so you can move the high chair close to the dining table.

Safety tips when using high chairs

Some high chairs have a recline position which parents may find convenient to use as a resting place for their baby. No hard-set age exists on when to transition to a high chair; it’s based more on your child’s development and your preference. When travelling, it’s extremely useful to be able to fold up your chair and take it with you. The majority of injuries are the result of a fall – either because the safety restraints were not used or because they were too loose. Perhaps the reclining high chair serves as a good seat with a view as mom or dad preps dinner, or works out well for those hurried moments when mom or dad is bottle feeding their baby with one hand while eating their own dinner with the other.
high chair safety
You can start considering the high chair to regular chair transition between 18 months and 3 years. But it can also be useful to be able to move the chair from room to room if you want to keep your baby safe and occupied while you’re doing household chores, etc. Falls from high chairs can be dangerous because high chairs are usually used in kitchens and dining areas which often have hard flooring such as tile or wood. But it’s not advisable to use that recline position when you begin feeding baby food to your little one. If your child can obey simple safety instructions and is able to hold her own weight, she might be ready.

The tray has a one handed release feature as well as a two handed option. If a child falls head first onto these hard surfaces, serious injuries can occur. One study found a 22 percent increase in high chair-related incidents in children ages 3 and under. Always look at the age and weight limit on your a high chair to find the manufacturer’s recommendations. With the one handed option, when you press the button to release the tray, there is an exposed open space underneath that closes up. When used correctly, however, high chairs and booster seats can be great tools to help meal time go smoothly. This may reveal safety issues with the chairs themselves. Not always easy if you have a small kitchen, but an empty chair is mighty inviting for a child to climb up on … and fall out of! My sweet DD had her toes up in that space unknowingly to me (I was unaware of this danger before this) and when I released the tray, it smashed her big toe inside. Head injuries were the most common type of injury associated with high chairs, followed by bumps or bruises and cuts, according to the study.

It may reflect that parents either are not using the restraints, or they are not using them effectively. Chairs with wheels can also be dangerous for babies who are starting to pull up. She screamed horribly for almost 10 minutes. The researchers looked at children ages 3 and younger who were treated in U.S. emergency departments, and the results are published today (Dec. 9) in the journal Clinical Pediatrics. They can pull up to standing, using the bars of the highchair for stability, only for the wheels to start rolling the chair away, dropping them on the floor. >Luckily, DD is alright and nothing was broken. But her toe was very red and swollen for the rest of the day. It could have been much worse had I not noticed quickly that she was in distress.

Folic Acid – A Very Essential Nutrient during Pregnancy

Folic acid pregnancy the majority of females do not realize that this a sound physique of your companion starts every single time a lady reaches the childbearing years, pregnant or otherwise not. As a result utilizing the correct nutrition on these years play an essential role which is exactly where nutrition can come essential to folic acid pregnancy.

Why Folic Acid Pregnancy?

Just ahead of we reply the situation of what the proper folic acid pregnancy dosage is, it is actually initially to understand just how essential this vitamin is. Folic acid pregnancy (which is often portion from the B complicated nutritional vitamins (B9), as well as named folic) is crucial to decreasing the possibilities of spina bifida.

Spina bifida can be a birth defect that suggests the brain does not develop properly, nor does the spinal cord, exactly where the comprehensive closure of the spinal cord does not take location. Creating sure that you consume adequate of this critical vitamin can reduce the probabilities of your youngster getting born using a neural tube defect including spina bifida by as a great deal as 70%.

Folic Acid during pregnancyFolic acid pregnancy a important role within your physique. They are nutrients that may deal with repairing the DNA structure from the body and affects fertility concurrently. Insufficient folic acid b vitamin may perhaps outcome in neural tube defects throughout the time of conception of the companion.

Folic acid pregnancy – Folate is needed at sufficient levels in your program to prevent neural tube defects within the building fetus. Three with the pretty most typical defects are spina bifida, anencephaly, and cleft lips.

Adequate quantities of folate within your body just before folic acid pregnancy might be incredibly important mainly because when you get pregnant, the fetus is undergoing tremendous cell growth. This vitamin is vital for DNA and RNA synthesis.

Deficiency of this vitamin could result in neural tube defects, which may be devastating and sometimes fatal birth defects. These defects usually take place through the 21st to 27th day’s pregnancy. Often a woman won’t have any thought she is pregnant in the course of those instances. This is the reason it’s very significant to retain adequate degrees of vitamin B9 inside your metabolism all the time.

Folate can be a B vitamin, that assists the physique make healthful new cells. In accordance with the U.S. Division of Wellness & Human Services, every single lady need folic acid. Whenever a lady has sufficient folic acid pregnancy ahead of and throughout, it will also help prevent major birth defects of her baby’s brain or spine.

Be certain your husband or wife gets sufficient folate every single day. She should start just before she gets folic acid pregnancy. Folate is necessary through the first weeks, typically just before a woman knows she is pregnant. And 50 % of all pregnancies inside the U.S. generally are not planned. That is why it really is so imperative that you simply begin folic acid b vitamin daily, even if she actually is not planning to get pregnant.

Vitamin b folic acid pregnancy may additionally create benefits for males and females of nearly every age. Some research has shown that folic acid will help prevent heart problems, stroke, some cancers, and possibly Alzheimer’s.

How considerably folic acid pregnancy should your spouse take?

Following are the conditions outlined by the U.S. Division of Health & Human Services which will help you determine how significantly folic acid pregnancy your spouse should take.

  • She is able to get pregnant. She should take 400 mcg of folic acid every day
  • She is pregnant. She should take 600mcg of folic acid every day.
  • She is breastfeeding. She should take 500mcg of folic acid every day
  • She has had a baby with spina bifida or anencephaly and wants to get pregnant again. She should talk with her doctor, and ask for a prescription for a higher dose of folic acid pregnancy. She should take 4,000 micrograms (4,000 mcg) starting at least one to 3 months prior to getting pregnant and during the first 3 months of pregnancy. That’s 10 instances the normal amount! But don’t let her try to get the larger amount by taking more than one multivitamin or prenatal vitamin a day. She could get too substantially of another vitamin that could harm her or the baby
  • You spouse has had a baby with spina bifida or anencephaly. She is not planning to have another baby. She should take 400 mcg of folic acid every day.

Folic Acid Pregnancy – All Natural Provides

Foods rich in folic acid pregnancy include fortified breads, fresh green leafed vegetables, fortified breakfast cereals (well worth reading the labels), spinach, cauliflower, green beans, peas, cabbage, yoghurt, eggs, brown rice, wholegrain pasta, romaine lettuce, oranges, fresh orange juice, cooked soya beans, kidney beans. Do the best you are able to to consume a reliable diet, but to insure sufficient wellness protection, consider taking a high quality nutritional supplement.

Folic Acid Rich Foods

Studies show that if all women consumed the recommended amount of folic acid before and during early pregnancy, up to 70 percent of all NTD could be prevented. There are a number of reasons it’s important to get adequate amounts of folic acid. Some people have a genetic variation – known as a methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) mutation – that makes it more difficult to process folate and folic acid. One of the most folate-dense foods you can include in your prenatal diet, cooked lentils contain 180 mcg of folate in every 1/2-cup serving—or almost 50 percent of the RDI. The best way to guarantee you’re getting enough folate is to take a multivitamin with 400 micrograms of folic acid, and eat a diet rich in folate-full foods like the following.

Perhaps most importantly are cellular growth and regeneration. If you know you have this mutation, talk with your doctor to make sure you’re getting enough folic acid. Lentils pack in lots of other pregnancy-friendly nutrients too, including iron, fiber, and plenty of slow-burning carbs. Folate is the type of folic acid that you can get through your diet. A recent article from the New York Times fingered folic acid as one of the most, “luscious micronutrients” available and multiple studies suggest a lack of folic acid may lead to mental conditions such as depression.

Women who are diabetic or are taking certain antiseizure medications are also more likely to have a baby with an NTD. Dried lentils do not necessarily require advance soaking, making them a quick-cooking choice compared to other dried beans. Dietary sources of folate are part of a healthy pregnancy, along with a daily folic acid supplement. Folic acid allows the body to perform many essential functions including nucleotide biosynthesis in cells, DNA synthesis and repair, red blood cell creation, and prevention of anemia. If either of these situations applies to you, see your provider at least a month before trying to conceive to find out how much folic acid you should be taking and to monitor your condition in general.

Pinto beans are a popular type of bean for several reasons: they’re easy to find, cheap to buy, versatile in preparation, and wonderfully healthy to eat. Good sources of folate are dark green vegetables, corn, legumes (dried beans, peas and lentils), oranges and some grain products. If you picked out your own prenatal vitamin, take it to your OB once you’re pregnant to make sure it has the recommended amounts of everything you need, including folic acid. Beans and peas are very high in folic acid ratio. Add a cup of these nutrient-rich legumes to your plate each day and you’ll fill your body with nearly three-quarters of the recommended amount of folic acid for the day.

Health Canada’s prenatal nutrition guidelines provide a complete list of foods containing folate. All prenatal vitamins are not the same and some may have less or more of the vitamins and minerals you need. This includes pinto beans, lima peas, black eyed peas, green peas and kidney beans. A small bowl of lentils will give you your daily requirement of folic acid.

How To Make Activity Table For Kids in Few Easy Steps

If you are handy with tools and have some general carpentry skills, you might want to consider building your own outdoor kids activity table.

This project from The Home Depot will show you how to build a fun outdoor activity table for the kids. The table can also be used as an over-sized checkerboard for kids or adults.

This kids outdoor activity table can provide hours of fun in the backyard for the little ones.

This project is rated at an advanced skill level.

The Outdoor Kids Activity Table – Material List and Tools Needed


• Two 4-foot-long baseboards (ends mitered on 45-degree angle)
• Two 3-foot-long matching baseboards (ends mitered on 45-degree angle)
• Two 3-feet-101/2 -inch lengths of 1×2 wood (ends mitered on 45-degree angle)
• Two 2-feet-101/2-inch lengths of 1×2 wood (ends mitered on 45-degree angle)
• Finishing nails
• Four exterior banister posts (not pressure-treated) cut down to 23 inches
• Four small plastic flowerpots
• Screws
• Chalkboard paint
• Paint: Behr® Premium Ultra Pure White™
• Masonite board


• Jigsaw
• Power drill
• Power sander and sandpaper
• Carpenter’s square
• Clamps
• Paintbrush


Cut a waterproof vinyl tablecloth to protect the chalkboard surface from oily spills. Be sure to cut out the pot openings and use the pots to hold cutlery, straws or a small bud vase of flowers.